Volume 1 - Issue 2

Authors : Dr. Rosalí Rojas Bárcenas*
Traditional and natural medicine (MTN) is the set of techniques that applied by themselves, or combined, lead to the same goal: to restore the bioenergetic balance when it has been affected by the invasion of endogenous and exogenous pathogenic agents. It is also known internationally as alternative, energetic and naturalistic, or complementary, it is part of the heritage of universal culture, that is, of concepts and practices that have been inherited from generation to generation.

Authors : Emerson Roberto Yépez Herrera*, Danilo Charchabal Pérez, Henry Geovanny Pillajo Quisilema, Diana Marcela Romero Peña
Sedentary lifestyle is among the main causes of health problems globally, according to the World Health Organization (2015) describes that: 60% of the world population is sedentary together with normal or high food intakes, an energy imbalance is caused which can translate into alterations in the state of health, such as malnutrition due to excess. Buhring, Oliva, and Bravo (2009). In addition, it is associated as a factor with a worse quality of life and an increase in general mortality Cabrera de León, et al. (2007). It is essential that this conduct be considered within the social role as detrimental in all aspects that encompass its meaning.

Authors : You-Fu Pan*, Hong-Yang Wang, Hu-Li Li, Jin-Tao Pan, Xue-Ying Li
Liver cancer is the third deadliest cancer in the world and it was estimated that 830,180 people died from the disease worldwide in 2020 [1]. n addition, it is the most common type of cancer in men under the age of 60 and has the highest mortality rate in this sex group[2]. The highest incidence of liver cancer is in Asia and Africa, where more than half of all liver cancer cases worldwide occur[3, 4].

Authors : Caroline Gonzalez*, Senda Charone, Sonia Groisman
The term Occupational Health refers to a field of knowledge that aims to understand the relationship between work and the worker’s health/disease process, which is like a work tool that generates profits and services.Health care organization aimed at workers emerged in the 18th century, in England, with the Industrial Revolution. Pressured by the economic losses resulting from the high rates of accidents and illness determined by the poor living and working conditions and by workers’ demands for change, industrialists at the time began to hire doctors, assigning them the responsibility of “taking care” of workers’ health.

Authors : Zehra Beştepe Dursun*, Hilal Sipahioğlu, Musa Göksu, Tuğba Bulut, Serhat Koyuncu, Esma Saatçi, İlhami Çelik
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), as of 13 March 2022, rapidly developed into a pandemic with over 455 million confirmed cases, and over 6 million deaths have been reported to WHO, at that time more than 10 billion vaccine doses have been administered worldwide (1).