Ethical Considerations Regarding Article Submission:

Authors submitting manuscripts to the Journal of Clinical & Medical Case Reports, Images  (JCMCRI) are expected to adhere to the following ethical considerations:

  1. Originality: The manuscript's content is original, and authors provide an author certificate and ethical statement confirming this. It has not been published or accepted for publication elsewhere, except for brief abstracts, communications, or conference proceedings.
  2. Exclusivity: No portion of the submitted manuscript is being considered for publication elsewhere at the same time.
  3. Review and Approval: The final version of the manuscript has been reviewed and approved by all authors, who have also signed an ethical statement form.
  4. Permissions: Authors have obtained necessary permissions from their employers or universities to publish the submitted paper, and any copyrighted content included in the manuscript has been used with proper attribution and permission.
  5. Image Manipulation: Authors adhere to CLIP principles regarding image manipulation and ensure that no unauthorized manipulation of images has occurred.

Any complaints regarding the violation of these ethical principles will be addressed according to the COPE flowchart.