Definition: Plagiarism involves presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own, whether with or without their consent, without proper acknowledgment. This includes all forms of published and unpublished material, in manuscript, printed, or electronic form. Plagiarism may occur intentionally, recklessly, or unintentionally, and is considered a serious offense.

Author Notice: We strongly discourage all forms of plagiarism and duplicate submissions. Authors are urged to thoroughly check their article content before submission to our journals. We recommend the use of plagiarism-checking software as a preliminary measure, although these tools may not be entirely reliable.

JCMCRI Publications Policy: JCMCRI conducts plagiarism checks on all manuscripts prior to publication. If plagiarism is detected by editors, peer reviewers, or editorial staff at any stage of the publication process, the manuscript may be rejected based on the extent of plagiarism identified. Authors will be promptly notified of any plagiarism issues encountered.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Declaration of Conflicting Interests Policy:

  • JCMCRI requires authors, editors, and reviewers to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could influence their decision-making or the interpretation of published work. Conflicts of interest are defined as circumstances that could reasonably mislead or deceive readers if later revealed.


  • Editors select guest editors to ensure unbiased review processes in cases where there is a conflict of interest involving an author.
  • Reviewers are expected to disclose any potential conflicts of interest with the editorial office before evaluating an article. While minor conflicts do not necessarily disqualify a reviewer, they are taken into consideration when assessing the reviewer's recommendations.


  • All authors and co-authors are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest, such as employment, consultancy fees, research contracts, stock ownership, patent licenses, advisory relationships, etc., upon submission. This information should be included in the manuscript if it is later accepted for publication.


  • Editors with conflicts of interest for a submitted manuscript should refrain from participating in editorial decisions or the editing process. Clear procedures should be in place for handling conflicts of interest, especially if a manuscript is submitted from the editor's institution or academic department.

Human and Animal Rights:

  • All research projects must adhere to appropriate ethical guidelines. Editors reserve the right to reject papers and may contact ethics committees if there are concerns about ethical conduct. Studies involving human or animal subjects should include a disclaimer in compliance with ethical guidelines, and clinical studies must be registered.

Informed Consent:

  • Patients' privacy rights must be respected, and identifiable information should not be published without written informed consent, except for scientific research purposes. Authors should obtain informed consent from patients before publishing any identifying information.

Research Ethics Policies:

  • JCMCRI follows publication policies to ensure that original research of academic quality and scientific rigor is published. These policies align with the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and utilize COPE processes for reviewing claims of research misconduct.

Contacting the Journal with Concerns about Published Material:

The Journal of Clinical & Medical Case Reports, Images (JCMCRI) is committed to promptly addressing any concerns regarding published material in accordance with COPE criteria. If you have any issues with information published in JCMCRI, please email us at, providing relevant details.

DOI Number

Every manuscript published in Journal of Clinical & Medical Case Reports, Images (JCMCRI)  will be given a DOI number. On the title page of each article, a DOI number will be available as a unique identification. DOIs are important for locating and citing publications that have been published online but do not have a volume or issue number (for more information, see