Advertising Policy

Advertising Policy:

  1. All advertising in JCMCRI must be approved by the journal, with the publisher reserving the right to refuse or terminate ads at any time.
  2. Advertisers agree to indemnify JCMCRI for any costs and damages arising from publication.
  3. Advertiser branding must be prominently displayed in all ads.
  4. Mention of JCMCRI in ads or promotional materials requires consent from the journal.
  5. Fixed ad positioning is not guaranteed.
  6. Additional fees may apply, and ads will be displayed randomly unless otherwise instructed by the advertiser.
  7. JCMCRI disclaims liability for any harm resulting from improperly displayed ads.
  8. In case of conflict, JCMCRI guidelines prevail.
  9. JCMCRI reserves the right to hold advertisers accountable for unpaid fees.
  10. Advertisers must ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Through CrossRef, JCMCRI assigns DOIs to all published articles, ensuring a durable and usable identification for online intellectual property.