Journal of Clinical Studies and Medical Images, Case Reports (JCSMICR)


Welcome to the Journal of Clinical Studies and Medical Images, Case Reports (JCSMICR) where innovation meets exploration in the realm of peer-reviewed open access publishing. Our journal serves as a dynamic platform for showcasing ground-breaking research across various formats including Case Reports, Clinical Images, Case Studies, Short Communications, Commentaries, Technical Notes, Review Opinions, and Brief Notes. Spanning a broad spectrum of Scientific, Clinical, and Medical Sciences, we pride ourselves on fostering a diverse array of scholarly contributions.

At the heart of our mission are Case Reports, the cornerstone of medical literature. These meticulously documented single clinical observations embody a venerable tradition in scientific discourse. They serve as invaluable reservoirs of uncommon insights, often catalysing new avenues of research and innovation in clinical and medical practice. Additionally, Case Studies offer illuminating glimpses into the decision-making process, empowering fellow physicians with the tools of lateral thinking to navigate their own clinical challenges. Particularly in the context of rare diseases, these studies assume paramount significance, enriching our collective understanding of complex medical phenomena.

Our commitment extends to nurturing a collaborative environment that transcends geographical boundaries. We actively encourage clinical and medical professionals, scientists, doctors, professors, and academicians to contribute their latest findings and emerging insights. By providing a dedicated platform for the dissemination of unique, unusual, and rare cases, we aspire to elevate the discourse surrounding disease processes, diagnostics, and management on a global scale.

Join us in our quest to illuminate the frontiers of medical knowledge and make a lasting impact on the landscape of clinical and medical sciences worldwide.

Article Processing fee

An article processing fee will be charged to cover costs such as manuscript handling, blind review, editing, storage, support, and upkeep of published articles in our online repositories. Graphics and editing services are required for articles to meet rigorous academic and professional research standards. We do not receive any funding or assistance from private organisations or governments. The Article Processing Charge (APC) is structured in such a way that it is feasible and convenient for all researchers to publish their outstanding work without difficulty or complication.